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· 2 steam settings vapor-blast hair with unbelievable shine and smoothness

· Heats to Keratin-ideal 450 F/230 C max temperature swift

· Size of heating plates: 112*32 mm

· Length of the flat iron: 30cm

· 360 degeree swivel cord prevents tangling and keeps you on the move

How to use:

1. Plug the device.

2. Press the “POWER” button to switch on the device.

3. Temperature control: press “+” button to increase the plate heating level, every single press the temp climbs one level. Press the “-” button to decrease the plate heating level, every single press the temp goes down one level.

4. Again press the “POWER” button to switch off the device.

5. Automatically safety shut-off after one hour without any operations, then the blue POWER status light is on.

6. The heating indicating light: when plug the device, the LED flashes from level-1 to level-6. The LED light stops flashing when certain heating intensity is chosen.

7. The steam control button is at the bottom side of the device, you can use this button to adjust the dose of steam spraying.

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